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Faith Acts Birmingham – ‘Congregations Act’ Fighting Malaria


Faiths Act Week: Sunday April 25th – Saturday May 1st 2010

This April, faith communities across Birmingham are taking action and proving their commitment to fighting global poverty. During Faiths Act Week, people of all faiths, backgrounds and ages will come together and donate their time, energy and money to ending deaths from malaria. Malaria is an entirely preventable and treatable disease, yet it kills up to one million people every year in Africa, Asia and the Americas. Faiths Act Week will be a clear example of the positive impact faith communities can – and do – have on the world, especially when we work together.

20 Nets for 2010: The Challenge

We would like to invite your congregation to commit to raising £100 – enough to produce and distribute 20 bednets, protecting 20 families from malaria for 5 years! All money we raise is going to our partner charity Malaria No More UK (Registered
Charity 1126222) – and every penny donated during Faiths Act Week is being personally DOUBLED by Rt Hon Tony Blair, patron of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. This means that your £100 becomes £200, and 20 bednets become 40!

For more information about Malaria No More UK and how they partner with faith-based charities to deliver bednets, take a look at the faith section on their website:

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  1. 20/04/2010 11:08 am

    Thanks for posting this! Donations can be made via our website, or post a cheque to us – email me ( for more information 🙂


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