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Playing with Justice


Inspired by doing something for Justice, a sturdy group of us gathered one cold cold afternoon  in November at The Drum to hear an afternoon of song, poetry, rap and drama from artists moved to perform out of a commitment to Climate Justice.

Acts from across Birmingham, from across Faiths and from local schools came together at the end of Interfaith Week to make this concert a success.

Participants were asked to fill out hearts with their commitments for Justice

1 – thing to do this week

2 – things to this month

3 – things to this year


Why not commit yourself to taking action!

Oxfam, Friends of the Earth Birmingham and Jubilee Debt Campaign as well as local initiative Just Film Coop were able to talk about their work.  We hope to repeat this event later in the year with Birmingham Council of Faiths so please look out for information on this.

A personal highlight of the afternoon was the variety of acts from the group from GNNSJ school to local schools through The FEAST, Poetry from Rohit Ballal and Shaila Sharif and the fabulous Mohammed Yahya.

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  1. 20/12/2010 3:16 pm

    I’m very interested in the work you are doing. We are leading a similar initiative in the North West, in the form a charity – Faiths4Change, our website is
    Our focus is also faith & environment linking in health & wellbeing. I would love to have a conversation with you at some point, to share learning and current projects/ideas, perhaps we could add each others websites to our links pages?
    Very best regards
    Annie (CEO)

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