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Lifelong Learning Centre/Environment & Sustainability Presentation


Media, Ecology and Wildlife Conservation
Speaker: Dr John Blewitt, Director of Lifelong Learning
Room: MB 553
Date: 2nd Dec 2010  Time: 12noon – 1pm

Images are immensely important sources of information and emotional engagement but in the field of animal and habitat conservation, natural history filmmaking and ‘edutainment’, many images have tended towards the saccharine, silly and or plain deceptive. Until recently, many wildlife films and programmes for the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Disney Nature and Animal Planet have conveyed the wonders and beauty of the natural world enhanced by high definition 2-D photography, a stereo soundscape, blue chip production values and anthropomorphic storylines that avoid the uncomfortable realities of species extinction, habitat destruction and other human induced disasters. 3-D will only add to the spectacle but some filmmakers and photographers are trying to cut through this ‘noise’ with sharply-focused, films and photographic exhibitions which have themselves initiated or reinforced key wildlife conservation campaigns or educational projects. The work of Indian filmmakers such as Shekar Dattrati and Mike Pandey, photographers such as Karl Amman and Nick Nichols and important films such as
Green will be discussed in the context of how images may influence public attitudes, values and, more significantly, conservation policy and action.
The presentation will be illustrated throughout with key images with movie clips.
All welcome 

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