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University of Birmingham Urban Theology Forum


Questions and Challenges Explored since 2008

  • ‘Who is my Neighbour? Faith and Diversity in the City’
  • ‘Contesting the City – Urban Spaces of Reflection’
  • ‘Demonising Urban Youth’
  • ‘Women Negotiating Faith in the City’
  • ‘Spaces of Religion & Economy in Uncertain Times’
  • ‘Discourses of Diversity – Power, Politics & Theology’

Future Forum meetings might include….

Housing & Homelessness; Urban Popular Cultures; Health & Wholeness; Religious Education in the City; Gangs, Guns & Good News; Living with Debt; and Religion & Politics Don’t Mix?

Are there other topics you’d like us to explore?

How do you think we should develop the forum in the next two years?

If you would like to know more about the Birmingham Urban Theology Forum please get in touch with either:

Professor Martin Stringer ( or Dr. Chris Shannahan (


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