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Sustainable Communities Act – we need your help!


Local Works is a coalition of more than 120 organisations that wrote and successfully campaigned for the Sustainable Communities Act in 2007. The Act allows people to demand action from government to reverse the worrying national trend of community decline and to promote local sustainability.

People and organisations in Birmingham have been at the forefront of this process and have asked Government to help communities by introducing measures to encourage allotments, promote renewable energy and to ensure local public services cannot be closed unless local people are involved in making the decision.

Together, these measures would go a long way towards creating more sustainable communities for everyone. They would help to promote local food production, reduce carbon emissions and give people the power and financial assistance to set up their own renewable energy schemes. And they would ensure that in these times of cuts to public services, local people must be involved in any decisions to close services.

The government is due to consider these ideas soon alongside many others it has received from people around the country under the Sustainable Communities Act. It may choose to ignore these important issues, unless it receives the message that these issues matter to local people.

We therefore ask that you support this call for action from the people of Birmingham by doing the following:-

Action! Please help urgently

1) Please write to, or email, Communities Minister Greg Clark MP, asking him to agree to implement the proposals of Birmingham to promote allotments, encourage renewable energy and ensure public services cannot be closed without involving local people in the decision. His address is House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA and his e-mail is

2) Please ask others from Birmingham to do the same. The more that help, the better!

Thank you very much for your help. Your letter could make all the difference.

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