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Green Communities – record your carbon cutting measures with us!


Green Communities is the home for communities in the Energy Savings Trust, Last year they launched their community carbon footprinting tool which allows communities to record all their savings in one place.  With this tool we can work out how much carbon we are using, receive tips on how we can reduce and compare our usage with each other and year to year.

When you join, you will see that my details are up and even though I did not have my energy bills to hand I was still able to input lots of other data in terms of travel, kitchen appliances, insulation and so on.  As I live in a rented house it did not start encouraging me to make impossible changes but focused on what was achievable given my circumstances.  I look forward to comparing results!

Join our Green Communities group here to calculate your carbon footprint and record your savings!  That we can report on the savings made by our Faith communities and celebrate the work we are all doing!

If you are based in Solihull then we have established a group for that area – click here for more details

Do join, we all have to start somewhere!


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