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FCC Team visit Temple and Mosque


The Faith and Climate Change team had an informative and enjoyable day last Wednesday (24/2) visiting the Balaji Temple in Tividale and the Hamza Mosque in Moseley. We joined a Black Environment Network trip as part of their training programme. We had the chance to look around these places of worship and see first hand how they operate. We discussed with people their thoughts and ideas regarding climate issues both within their faith and ideas for the specific associated buildings. Yet more than this it was a chance to broaden our knowledge regarding their practices and way of life. We were told traditional stories and some of the history surrounding the faiths.

It was interesting to hear from Saifer Rehman the Hamza Mosque concerning their environmental plans for the future. As they are currently undergoing some rennovation work they have seen it as an ideal chance to become more environmentally friendly. They are looking at a system in which to use rainwater for flushing toilets and are considering fitting photovoltaics to the roof for electricity.

The day was also useful in order to meet some like minded people from further afield who are working on environmental projects. We would like to thank all involved for an insightful day and hope to build on this experience in the future.

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