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Attending the Wave!


a short article on attending The Wave, written by Beryl Moppet for her parish magazine (Solihull Faith Forum)

The Wave 5th December 2009

You might not have seen us in the official pictures but we were there!

Fr Gerard and myself travelled to London early on Saturday 5th December to be part of ‘The Wave’.  Two of the 3000 who attended the ecumenical service at Westminster Central Hall and two of around 50 000 who took part in the biggest ever U.K. Climate Change march.

50 000 people take a long while to get going and it was an hour after the march started that the end of the march left Grosvenor Square – a truly impressive event. It was noisy and colourful with a tremendous diversity of people of all ages, from all walks of life, but all dressed in blue and all concerned with the effect of Climate change on the future of our planet and there to affirm their concern for the necessity of effective measures being set in place at the imminent Copenhagen Climate Change Conference.

We waked from Grosvenor Square across central London to Parliament Square passing the Houses of Parliament to walk across Lambeth bridge, in front of Lambeth Palace to finally stop on Westminster Bridge by Big Ben to completely encircle the Parliament buildings.  The walk took around an hour and as Big Ben sounded three o’clock impressively everyone waved their blue hands and shouted their favourite slogan.

‘Christians are called by Jesus to be bearers of good news not only for humanity, but for the whole of creation.’, said Rowan Williams at ‘Time to Pray’, the ecumenical service that began the day. He went on to say that the human race had until now not been very good news for creation, as he warned that the failure to tend to the health and well-being of creation was already having negative effects on the lives of the most vulnerable communities in the world.

“We are to be bearers of good news for the world that God has made,” he said. “Not for any one little bit of it, not any one community at the expense of others, not even for humanity at the expense of everything else in the universe. Good news for all of creation

“If we make ourselves a little less comfortable, if we draw back from a little bit of our space and liberty so that others may have the space and liberty they need for life then ‘so what’.  It is in our willingness to step back in Spirit-filled generosity there is life and good news for others

Archbishop Vincent Nichols echoed these thoughts in his remarks urging people to consider their lifestyles when thinking about Climate change, and urged that people live more simple lives, not dominated by the demands of a consumer society.  He quoted Pope Benedict XVI earlier this year as saying ‘that since the natural environment is given by God to everyone, so our use of it entails a personal responsibility towards humanity as a whole, particularly towards the poor and towards future generations.’  And he made the appeal Live Simple!  ‘Live simple that others may simply live’

May we take these words to heart as we continue to be aware of the damaging effect that Climate change may have.

Beryl Moppett

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  1. 23/01/2010 6:06 pm

    Hello Beryl and all,
    May this message find you in the best of health and spirits.
    Thank God there were plenty of us (but of course never enough!). My personal motivation to attend was verse in the Quran reminding us that we’re guardians of Creation: “He it is Who has placed you as viceroys of the earth and has exalted some of you in rank above others [some are rich/ poor; some are strong/ weak etc so each accountable to his/ her ability], that He may try you in the gifts He has given you. Your Lord is swift to requite (evil), and He verily is Forgiving, Merciful.” (Quran, chapter 6, verse 165). If only all (including myself) would never forget this whenever doing any action (i.e. checking if it would contribute or detract from our most important duty….). In peace, Rianne

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