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Energy Savings Trust – Green Communities


The Energy Savings Trust Green Communities can provide information, advice on funding and support for householders.

Each year they hold a conference for communities full to the brim with speakers, workshops and advice.  You can see a video from last years conference here.  I hope next year we can take a good number from the Faith and Climate Change Project!  Let me know if you’re interested in attending.  This conference is free.

It doesn’t cost you to sign up to the Green Communities website and it can offer you lots of advice and opportunities for training.  To sign up, visit the Green Communities website.

Other services offered by the Energy Savings Trust and Green Communities

Home Energy Checks – Please remember to tick Faith and Climate Change when they ask how you heard about it.

If you need to find out about the following sources of renewable technology, follow these links.

Solar Water Heating

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Wind Turbines

Home Installation

If you have any questions, would like to discuss further, or attend one of our training sessions.  Please get in touch using the contact box at the top.

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