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Lichfield Interfaith Group



Sharing Fellowship & Food

Thirty five members of the Lichfield Interfaith Forum brought enough food to share with fifty  people when they met in the Methodist Centre on 17 September. Besides two loaves and one  fish, there was rice stewed Madagascar-style to go with samusas, hummus, quiche, cheese  from six countries, an English meat pie, and local-grown vegetables – a true reflection of the      diversity of the fruits of the earth which are celebrated by all faiths.

After their meal, the participants were addressed by Maud Grainger, Birmingham Friends of the Earth Faith and Climate Change Project manager. We were reminded how rapidly our awareness and knowledge of climate change has grown in the past few years, and the range of ways in which we could contribute to its mitigation: declaiming hard-and-fast rules for everyone is less effective than enabling us to make personal decisions, on the basis of our individual situations and knowledge,  and our care and concern for creation. The ideas flowed as freely as the food, and we look forward to participating in National Interfaith Week in November.

Speaking to Lichfield Interfaith Forum

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