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Faith & Climate Change reaches Downing Street


Last week 2 representatives from the Faith and Climate Change Project attended a function at 10 Downing Street to celebrate the work of community projects around the country. Mahmooda Qureshi and Rianne ten Veen had the opportunity to met with other groups as well as with the Prime Minister and other cabinet members. Mahmooda Qureshi said ”It was a pleasure to go representing the Faith and Climate Change Project.  It is a project we have to be proud of, it has so much potential to grow.  I enjoyed telling people about what we are doing in Birmingham; where people from various religious backgrounds are coming together for the common good for all”

Meeting the PM

In his invitation, the Prime Minister said he “would be delighted” if we (in Faith & Climate Change case, Mahmooda and I; in total 150 people from around the country) would join him at a reception in the garden of Nr 10 to “celebrate the contribution that people make everyday in support of their local environmental wildlife projects and organisations”. It was Mahmooda and I who indeed attended, but were it not for the positive contributions of all involved in the project, we would not have received this prestigious invitation, so: THANK YOU to all involved! Although both Muslim, in true interfaith fashion we had our lunch beforehand in a nearby church cafe. Some of the other guests invited were fellow finalists in the Big Green Challenge, some were representatives from ‘the usual suspects’ (well known national environmental groups), and also some very less usual people, for example the front lady of the Women’s Institute who is a Church leader as well, and a representative of Eco-Schools. Several we spoke with were keen to hear of our approach and so hopefully that will confirm the ‘replicability’ of our work in Birmingham and surroundings. And of course there was the host, the Prime Minister, and some of his relevant colleagues: Minister Ed Miliband for Energy and Climate Change, Minister Hilary Benn for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at DECC, David Kidney, though we only had a chance to speak with the first and the last. Hopefully we can all keep up and increase our positive actions in the area of Faith & Climate Change in our diverse places of worship, for the sake of generations after us, for Creation, and perhaps another invitation to Nr 10

Rianne ten Veen

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