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Make a Pledge to Cut Birmingham’s co2


Making a pledge can sometimes help give you that extra push to make things happen!  So if you are on the look out and have yet to pledge with Birminghams’s Cutting co2 – here is your chance !

Click here to make this happen

Birmingham cutting co2 is a campaign to encourage us all to do our bit to reduce our energy usage.  This year on World Environment Day, Birmingham City announced it had exceeded its co2 targets by saving 103,039 tonnes of co2 since March 2008.  As a city we will build on this success next year to save a further 120,000 tonnes.  This is the equivalent of  120 kg co2 saving per person !

Make your pledge today!

For more information, please visit, BirminghamCuttingCo2

If you need extra help, then the Energy Savings Trust offer Free Home Energy Checks online, all you have to do is fill out the form and they will send you a detailed report on the changes you can make in your home.  This can save you up to £300 each year.  Click here to fill out a form, and please don’t forget to tick, Faith and Climate Change when they ask how you heard about the form.

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