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Home Energy Checks


Training and advice on energy efficiency in places of worship and peoples homes.

We have spoken to the Energy Saving Trust, and to Mark Harding of Flowtherm Ltd (energy auditing), and both have agreed to provide training, followed by further advice on how best to implement any changes you want to make.

The EST training and advice will focus more on domestic energy efficiency for people in their own homes, and Mark’s will be aimed more at what can be done in your places of worship. There will obviously be some overlap, and both are aware of the bigger picture of the project and should be happy to address issues as and when they occur.

Energy Auditing Training

The energy auditing training will take place on 11th July at the BFOE building, starting at 10.00 am and finishing by 4.00pm. Vegetarian Cafe on site or bring own lunch.

There will be 3 sessions:

Session 1 (1 hour)

Measuring energy consumption and detecting surplus energy useage.

Collecting data, producing energy consumption and temperature charts

Case study on interpreting charts to detect surplus energy usage

How to locate major appliances

Use of energy monitor for electrical devices

Session 2 (1 hour)

No-cost and low-cost ways of reducing energy usage identified as surplus.

How to reduce wastage

Energy care-taking

Improving control over usage

Adjusting some items to optimise usage

Advice on low cost installations and modifications, typical costs, and who is allowed to do the work.

Session 3 (1-1.5 hours)

Planning/ discussion

Work in small groups looking at how to use information from above sessions in your own places of worship, and homes.

Sharing of plans between groups and free discussion of points raised by the day.

Also a discussion on the potential benefits of a follow-up meeting, looking at real and practical issues arising from people starting to get ‘hands on’ experience of implementing energy efficiency improvements, as a result of this and the EST training.

EST Training

EST training will take place in the places of worship and will include :

Awalk around audit and advice on what improvements could be done to the building

Follow-up advice on domestic energy efficiency after submission of Home Energy Check forms to EST

Home Energy Check forms

EST offer a domestic advice scheme where the householder submits a HEC form, (either a paper one , or via the internet), and they are then sent a report advising what improvements might be possible. This will then be followed by a phone call 3 months later to see what actions have been taken. Please reply “Faith and Climate Change” when they ask where you heard about the scheme.

There is also a free-phone advice service 0800 512012, which aims to answer any queries you have, either about energy efficiency generally, or filling in the form.

The paper forms can be obtained form FOE ( ),or EST, and the internet form from

The aim is to get as many of the congregation as possible to submit these forms to EST over the next few months, and then to attend the training days at the place of worship, where as well as looking at efficiency measures for the building, peoples own domestic issues can also be addressed.

Home energy champions

EST also do more detailed training for homes, which includes installation of energy monitors which help with analysis and understanding of usage. We are starting to identify people who would be interested in doing this training, and then being advisers to their fellow congregation.

Information we now need from you.

For those wishing to take part in any or all of this training, what we now need is :

Confirmation or otherwise as to whether you will be attending the training on July 11th.

Feedback on whether you want to take-up the HEC scheme, how many people will be involved, and if there is anything we can do to further help you with this.

The names of any people interested in having the in-depth EST home energy assessment , and being energy champions.

To know whether you would be willing to hold an EST training day at your place of worship, and if so what dates could you do.

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  1. 20/05/2009 10:12 pm

    Good article=) I will definitely visit soon=D

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