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The Church that grew from Nothing……..


Journey Metropolitan Church

What do you get when you mix a railway arch, building materials ripped from a half burnt building, a pastor with an eBay habit, a group of dedicated volunteers and an ecological ethos?

You get the Church that Journey MCC built.

Armed with a £10,000 grant and a great deal of good will, Journey’s 30 odd strong congregation set about transforming the railway arch that their congregation calls home in August 2007 and finished in 2008.

“I can’t believe that we managed to do so much ourselves” Rev Chris Dowd Journey’s pastor said. There were some non negotiables- such erecting of our mezzanine floor – we used super-strong warehouse racking that contractors put in and of course all the electrical and plumbing work has been carried out by professionals but apart from that we did just about everything themselves.

“We paid £500 for salvage rights to a half burnt factory in Durham I found on eBay and spent the day taking out doors, windows and plasterboard. We got enough to build our offices and meeting rooms it was dirty and mucky but it was worth it. Talk about recycling the hard way!!!” Chris smiles. “And of course that was also the day I did a live radio interview for the BBC- right in the middle of a mucky, half burnt factory!”

We had just about everyone in the congregation involved. There was a core team that was there at least twice a week, week on week who made the miracle happen.

“While money was a concern, ecology was just as much a concern. We used sustainable timber and also used green products such as eco paints where ever possible.” Chris recalled.

The Church has since kept up the good work. “We use green electricity, recycled products, environmentally safe cleaning products and try to make everything as fair trade as possible. An ecology team meets regularly to see what can be done to make the Church even greener.  I simply can’t see how we can praise God in a place that doesn’t honour God’s creation. I believe that Churches need to show the way for caring for God’s creation.” Rev Chris said.

For more information on the work of the Journey Metropolitan Church, click here


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